Folklore Ensemble "Rombana"-Yambol

img_7331aMTA “Rombana” is named after a folk dance that is traditionally danced on St.Lazar’s Day. It’s a successor of the MTA that was formed in 1967 at the community center “Saglasie”-Yambol.

It’s choreographers and directors are Maya Todorova and Rumen Todorov. They are graduates of the Folklore Ensemble “Trakia”-Plovdiv. They have degrees in choreography pedagogic and directing from The Academy of Music and Dance-Plovdiv. They have been nurturing and spreading out their love for the Bulgarian culture for nearly 25 years.

The dancers’ age varies between 14 to 18, but all of them love Bulgarian folklore and out their heart in keeping it alive. Rombana’s repertoire consist of dances from all of the cultural regions in Bulgaria. They have participated in many competitions both local and foreign. Their most treasured honor is “The President of the Republic of Bulgaria ‘s Award”.

MTA “Rombana” has also traveled to France on the invitation of the Bulgarian-French society. The concerts in Toulouse were full of high spirits, emotions, cheers and encores.  Each concert ended with a traditional folk dance and the raised, Bulgarian flag. The ensemble has also traveled to Turkey on cross-border projects. In 2008 we gave a few concerts in Budapest as a request of the Bulgarian women living there.


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